Teacher Community

Learning material is maintained by a community of professional language teachers.

  • Krissie McCarthy

    Our English teacher Krissie is originally from London but has lived in Barcelona since September 2010. Krissie is a TESOL certified teacher with experience teaching all ages and levels.

    Likes: the beach, sunshine, coffee, BBC6, films by Guillermo de Toro and the Cohen Brothers, marzipan, mojitos, music festivals, being with her friends and travelling.

    Dislikes: flying, rain, spiders, wasabi, queues and verb conjugations.

  • Alejandra Lopez

    Alejandra is from Spain and has more than fifteen years experience teaching Spanish as a second language. She has a degree and Masters in Education. She has worked as a foreign language teacher in various public schools, private schools and taught in company.

    Likes: reading, travelling, having a coffee in a nice terrace and the Mediterranean beaches.
    Dislikes: noise, storms and getting up early on a Monday morning.


  • Vera Pushkash

    Vera is from Rostov-on-Don in the south of Russia, she graduated from the Rostov Pedagogical University and has been working as a teacher since 2004. She now lives and works in Barcelona where she has loved learning about a new culture and language.

    Likes: nature especially the mountains, gymnastics, cycling and running, learning Catalan and getting to know Barcelona, going to rock concerts, FC Barcelona, dogs, reading books, paella, chocolate sweets from Russia, cava, meeting with friends and cooking.
    Dislikes: rude people, cold weather, McDonalds, traffic, and being forced to do something when you don’t want to.

  • Debora Greco

    Debby is from Italy and has a degree in Italian and Hispanic philology, specializing in teaching Italian to foreigners. She has spent seven years teaching private lessons and courses in many different Italian language schools, cultural centers and companies. She has previously worked in both Madrid and Valencia before moving to Barcelona in 2008.

    Likes: the sun, the beach, loves Italian food, pizza, the cinemas of the 60s, reggae music, theatre, chocolate, vanilla, travelling and seeing new places.
    Dislikes: war, superficiality, cold weather, ready-made food and lizards.

  • Adrià Terol Hernández

    Our Catalan teacher was born here in Barcelona and has a degree in History and the highest level in Catalan. He enjoys teaching both subjects.

    Likes: the beach, mountains, skiing, and being with good company, which is why he loves Catalonia! He enjoys sports especially football, films, reading horror and sci-fi, blues and reggae music and he loves Mediterranean food!
    Dislikes: cold weather, rain, rude people and selfishness.

  • Nakasone Ai (Japanese)

    Our Japanese teacher Ai is originally from Osaka, Japan but currently lives in Barcelona. She qualified as a Japanese teacher at the Human Academy in Osaka in the beginning of 2009 and has been teaching ever since. Ai loves sharing Japanese culture with her students as well as teaching them the language.

    Likes: dance (ballet, jazz, modern dance, swing dance, salsa), circus, yoga, hiking, travelling, cooking, watching movies, ham and paella
    Dislikes: cloudy weather, crowded places, and traffic jams.

  • Oxana Saburova

    Oxana is from San Petersburg in Russia. She has an honor degree in Danish philology from St Petersburg State University. Oxana now lives in Madrid and is currently finishing her Masters. She has experience teaching Danish to all ages and levels, specializing in classes for Spanish natives.

    Likes: travelling, experiencing new things, meeting with friends, horse riding, laughing, reading, flowers, the opera, the theatre, croquettes, cheese and Russian tea.
    Dislikes: when the weather is very hot or very cold, rare meat, books on politics or economics, and learning the differences between “ser” and “estar” in Spanish.

  • Stéphanie Goyat (French)

  • Sara Hörberg (Swedish)

  • Synnøve Norskkurs (Norwegian)

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