Now in AppStore: WordLayer 1.4


We've updated our app in the AppStore. The update (version 1.4) comes with the these features and improvements.

Login with your Facebook account
To signup or login to Wordlayer you can now use Facebook too. Saving you a bit of time and your friends will see which themes you're studying.

Minor improvements
- A less obtrusive sounds when your answer was correct. 
- A progress bar in each game mode.
- A reset feature to be able to play a game again.
- A Dutch interface for our Dutchies.

Let us know what

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Norwegian now available on WordLayer!


Hurra! You can now practice 2000 words with photos in Norwegian with WordLayer online or on iPhone and iPad

Norway, home to the birth place of modern skiing, the deepest lake in Europe, the world’s longest road tunnel, brown cheese and now....WordLayer! 

To celebrate here are some fun facts that you might not know about Norway:

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WordLayer for iPad


Great news! WordLayer for iPad is available as a free download in the AppStore. You can now enjoy WordLayer’s high resolution images on the larger iPad screen. This new release (1.3) also includes an update for our iPhone users.

View WordLayer in the iTunes Store

Flash card mode (web version)
We have created an additional mode where you can view the images in a larger flash card format without the words so you can really test your knowledge and visualize the vocabulary. This mode is cu

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