WordLayer for iPad


Great news! WordLayer for iPad is available as a free download in the AppStore. You can now enjoy WordLayer’s high resolution images on the larger iPad screen. This new release (1.3) also includes an update for our iPhone users.

View WordLayer in the iTunes Store

Flash card mode (web version)
We have created an additional mode where you can view the images in a larger flash card format without the words so you can really test your knowledge and visualize the vocabulary. This mode is currently only available on the web version and will be made available to iPhone and iPad later on.

Login with your Facebook account (web version)
Why reenter your login details every time you want to use WordLayer? You can now easily login to WordLayer with your Facebook account. This means that if you have an active Facebook session you will be automatically logged in to WordLayer as well.

We'll keep working on a better WordLayer. Let us know what you need and we might put it on our list. Send your feedback